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The Origin of Ice Hockey and Other Landmark Irish-Canadian Tidbits

The items in this list tell of unique Irish Canadian events and connections. Readers are invited to suggest other items for inclusion so long as they are similarly unique and factual.


The Origin of Canadian Hockey: surprises for even the most devoted fans
Nova Scotia was still a British Colony at the time that the Irish game of Hurling was introduced to boys at Canada's first college, King's College School in Windsor, N.S. back around 1800, the school having been established by United Empire Loyalists in 1788. The first Principal of King's College School was an Irishman named William Cochran, who had been educated in Ireland and left to come to America for the express purpose of teaching youth. read more >>


The World's First Oil Gusher was drilled in Canada by an Irishman
Forget the Middle East; forget Pennsylvania, Texas and Oklahoma! The first commercial oil well was DUG in 1858 in the village of Oil Springs, Lambton County, Ontario (a year ahead of Drake's Well in Titusville, Pennsylvania). And nearby, in January of 1862, Irishman Hugh Nixon Shaw DRILLED the world's first 'gusher'. read more >>


Swapping Canada for Ireland@ a 'hidden hsitory' of internal subversion and the Fenian plot in 1866
Canadian historians have traditionally regarded Fenianism solely as an external threat but David A. Wilson reveals a 'hidden history' of internal subversion. They slipped across the Niagara River from Buffalo to Fort Erie before dawn on 1 June 1866-some 600 Irish veterans of the American Civil War, under the command of Monaghan-born John O'Neill. Three hundred miles to the east, in New York and Vermont, more were gathering on the Canadian border. In their dispatches, they described themselves as the 'Right Wing IRA'. Their mission? To strike a blow at the British Empire, to avenge the oppression of their country, and to trigger a chain of events that would culminate in the liberation of Ireland. read more >>




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